Exportadora de Sal current facilities are located between Baja California and Baja California Sur States. On the one hand,  in the region of Guerrero Negro, B.C.S., to four Km to the south  of the 28 parallel, in the pacific slope of the Peninsula de Baja  California and for the other one in Cedros Island, B.C. Besides, offices in Mexico City and in the city of Tijuana, B.C., are maintained.

The production process is carried out by means of solar evaporation of sea water

The salt production process used by ESSA is known as “Solar Evaporation of Sea Water", which consists basically in two stages: first, sea water concentration until obtaining saturated brine in sodium chloride and second, sodium chloride crystallization, that later on it harvests and washes, the whole process is performed in our plant of Guerrero Negro in Baja California Sur. This method is a simple process presented in the same natural way in many parts of the world and it has been taken in advantage since the mankind origin.

The natural characteristics of the region, guarantee the success of Exportadora de Sal

The natural characteristics of the selected place for the development of the salt industry production infrastructure at a great scale, have been decisive for the success of the operation, where great areas of plane and waterproof land, high solar radiation, constant wind and low pluvial precipitation, they guarantee a high evaporation index; and furthermore, its proximity to the coast simplifies the sea water supply, the only raw material of the process.

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