The process of production used by ESSA (Salt Exporter) consists of the solar evaporation from sea water in two steps: First the sea water is concentrated until is saturated in brine and sodium chloride, after the sodium chloride gets crystalized gets extracted and washed, all this process takes place at our facility in Baja California South at the zone of Guerrero Negro.

This method it’s a simple process that occurs in a natural way in many parts of the world from the origins of mankind.

The natural characteristics for the chosen place for the development of the infrastructure for salt production at great scale have been determinant in the success of the operation.to guarantee a good evaporation counts with large areas of flat land and permeable, high levels of solar radiation, wind and lack of precipitations. And last the location at the coast simplifies the supply of the only raw material needed in the process, Sea water.

At the Guerrero Negro zone are located the production, administration, maintenance and temporary extension facilities.

And the flood zones for crystallization by evaporation were built 45 kilometers of roads. Salt Exporter of Guerrero Negro also contains shops and houses the production and administrative personnel.

At the same complex we find the washing machine for the plant Chaparrito, a temporary pile and the port installations for the loading of barges of up to 10.500 metric tons to enlarge the amount of salt.

At the “El Morro Redondo” in the south part of the island Cedros BC, ESSA counts with installations for the loading and unloading of the barges and a dock for big ships. As well as for warehousing, maintenance shops a plant of screening for the separation of salt and courtyards where the thick salt and super thick salt regular and fine ice are deposited.

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February 04 2015.
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